January 17, 2021

How Unchecked Power is corrupting society

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There is a stupid war going around the whole nation from the last few years. A country which has, such a huge population below the poverty line and such huge unemployed masses, to argue that the country is tolerant or intolerant about the religious sentiment is, frankly speaking, diversion in every context.
To make it simple you can hold on to these statements:

  • A poor is a poor either Hind, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi or any other community.
  • An unemployed is unemployed either Hind, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi or any other community.
  • An exploited is an exploited either Hind, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi or any other community.
  • · It’s more annoying in the sense that India has always been represented as unity among diversity. Hence it’s an insult on the very representation of India.

There can be

no justification

for mass violence

In the last few years, there have been numerous brutal murders of the minorities and the people who were vocal for the rights of the minorities. So many people have been killed because of religious fanaticism and people’s affiliation with their biased perception. It was even more shameful because of the audacity shown by the antisocial elements and the lack of proper measures on the part of the government.

Hence, a voice is continuously arousing throughout the nation, “is anyone who conflicts with the right-wing ideology is safe in India”. Within last, half a decade, numerous gruesome crimes also made the FrontPage news. Interestingly the victims were not spared on the thought of being from some religious affiliation or caste. It was like whoever goes against us, we will kill them.

It seemed that all of a sudden, all those crimes that were being turned into a debate to please the religious and social fanatics. importance. Moreover, a country divided among several groups is trying to victimize themselves and prove who is more oppressed. Many eminent personalities who were earlier mere spectators of the political scenario jumped in as connoisseurs. Whatever left has already been ruined by the treacherous nature of Indian media, which has become none less than a cesspool.




can’t be selective

I don’t want to go in the debate that India is tolerant or intolerant, democratic or undemocratic, secular or non-secular or any such foolish debate, as way too much focus has already been drawn to this topic in a country which has other serious issues. It is more so because there is nothing to debate in these matters as we have a constitution and we must abide by it; everything else is just propaganda. But surely inequality prevails in India and not only based on religion but on caste, on affluence, on social sections and many more.

But irrespective of that, the idea is just simple that my life is my right and whatever the hell I do with it. I can live, eat, socialize and function within the legal parameters of this country and no government or some fanatic or fundamentalist group should dare to question my legal rights. A live by constitution not by any right or left-wing.

But let’s leave this topic as it has become a cliché. Let’s move further. For one moment let us fascinate the idea that what if we support and encourage these religious fundamentalist groups may they be of any religion. What if we as a country as a whole follow their ideas and give them absolute power which they still lack because of our “yes, no and pata nahi” point of view as electronic media will represent.

As we can already see that whatever power we as people have given to any particular fundamentalist group is backfiring on us. When we as people have given the power to a fundamentalist group we think is doing the right thing, they always try to dictate how our lives should be according to them or the version of holy scriptures they have seen with their blind eyes. They are trying to teach us morals no matter how immoral they are. They want to dictate what we eat, they want to dictate what we wear, they want to dictate how or where we live and they even urge us to unite based on an ideology they don’t understand.


is just another way


saying terrorism

So I think we should be concerned as a nation by looking at the scenario that even these patches of power are giving them such platforms to create havoc. WHAT IF we give them our total support? Of course, we may presume that they will demolish the so-called opponents that fundamentalists themselves have chosen and convinced us to believe. One side also may get absolute benefits whereas the other side will be shunned.

But what after that, don’t these fanatic fundamentalists who are born and bred from a vicious idea of inevitable conflict will continue their warmongering. They will still need someone to excise there unethical will and corrupted power. They will still need to make themselves contemporary. Even if these fundamentalists think to call it a day and to enjoy their unrighteous triumph, they will not be allowed by the political parties who have their vested interest in each of these groups. These political parties have bred the fundamentalist for the sole purpose of creating anarchy from which they can create an illusion.

On that day these groups will turn towards every one of us and will try to control our lives in every aspect. Today they are trying to influence but on that day they will compel us and whoever fails to comply will be out caste and may meet a worse fate.On that day there will be no one to stand against them, as we have chosen the monster to lead us and killed the other that use to keep him busy and away from our personal lives.

So we might have our religious views many of us might even support fundamentalism of one type or another but we surely should not let us be fooled by these fundamentalist political parties and their agendas, which we so foolishly accept correlating with our beliefs. Since these agendas are solely created to ignite our biased views against other groups so that we can be brainwashed as a pack of wolves who will just attack ago without realizing the reason for hatred. Afterward, when the fight ends, we will bite each other claiming who is the purest.

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