January 17, 2021

Not everyone is lucky……..

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It has been almost two hours since it has been raining. Its beautiful to watch the raindrops if you are in a joyful mood. But Shankar was feeling restless.

The Raindrops were dripping from his railing and flooding his balcony. Usually he would have closed the door to save the rooms from getting wet. But today he was not worried about the water.

His mind keeps going to the hospital ward where her mother is admitted and fighting for her life during this pandemic. This covid 19 monster has taken away so many and who knows his mother could be next.

He was scheduled to go and visit the hospital but this rain is not stopping. Even the cabs are so scarce in this pandemic times and no one is agreeing to go that far in this rain.

He was extremely worried as he was told that today is critical for her mother’ s recovery. It was told that if she shows any progress today then their is strong chance of recovery.

Anxiety and anticipation of what may come was killing Shankar he was just strolling around the house waiting for the rain to stop.

Suddenly the phone rang and he saw that it’s the doctor from the hospital. His hands was shivering from even the thought of what might have gone wrong.

With trembling hands he picked up the phone. The voice from the other side came ” mr. Shankar your mom….

Shankar said with the shiver ” what happened”

Suddenly the line got filled with noises that usually happens when their is network congestion.

He tried to call back numerous times but it was saying out of the network area. His mind was not working properly. Every second was giving a thousand of scary thoughts. He was almost feeling a suffocation that is trying to choke him.

Suddenly he grabbed his waterproof in a haste and got out of the room. He couldn’t spare one more minute into the house. He has to know what happened.

The rain was pouring down and somehow he was driving his bike even in that thrust of water. So many times he felt that the bike might skid and an accident is just about to happen but he kept driving.

Waterproof was not helping much as the distance was long and the rain was fierce. But he drove on and on and on.

It took him 45 minutes to reach to the hospital. He parked his bike and almost sprinted in the ward in which her mother was kept.

Inside the room he stood petrified as her mother was not there on any of the beds. He knew that if someone has died because of pandemic then the bodies will be shifted to a quarentine room.

He sat down on his knees and could’nt stand. He didn’t had the courage to go and check in the quarentine room. I excrushiating pain started to fill his chest and he gasped.

Suddenly a voice cam from behind, “Mr. Shankar what are you doing on th floor.” It was the doctor.

An almost choked voice came out of his mouth ” doctor my mother…..”.

Oh her, she has been shifted to other room with the patients who has recovered. You are in luck.”

Shankar almost ran to the adjacent room and stood by the door. He mother was sitting on the bed and laughing on something which the lady next to her was saying. He was trying his best to stop is tears.

Shankar also saw a stretcher going behind him. He suddenly stopped them. He recognized the man that was on that. It was the man that placed at the bed next to her mom yesterday. There was no expression to comprehend from his lifeless eyes.

Shankar asked doctor ” when did this… “.

“Not everyone is lucky.” Doctor answered

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